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Information and resources, background, publication, reviews and criticism for each Brautigan novel. LEARN more.

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Information and resources, publication, reviews and criticism for Brautigan's poetry. LEARN more.

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Stories that read more like poetry than fiction. Exquisite little gems of imaginative writing. LEARN more.

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One set of collected works was published during Brautigan's lifetime. Three others after his death. LEARN more.

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Essays, reviews, blurbs, letters, and papers. These non-fiction writings read like Brautigan's prose and poetry. LEARN more.

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Brautigan reads poems, stories, and chapters from novels on his record album Listening to Richard Brautigan. LEARN more.

Cover photograph for CHANGE

Change / Drawings

A single issue literary magazine with Ron Loewinsohn. Seven "poetic drawings" with Harry Hoogstraten. LEARN more.

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Brautigan was fascinated with movies. He wrote two screenplays and participated in movies. LEARN more.

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Brautigan taught writing courses and participated in educational seminars and conferences. LEARN more.

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Brautigan News

New look for website

American Dust

website update by John Barber
New name adapted from refrain of Brautigan's novel, So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away. Updated look. Same mission—to provide comprehensive information—and purpose—to maintain memory of Richard Brautigan's life and writing.

Brautigan Armstrong Creek by Erik Weber

Seeing Richard

book by Erik Weber
From 1962 to 1978, Erik Weber photographed Brautigan on numerous occasions. His photographs show both the public and personal side of Brautigan. Weber has collected and published 200 photographs in this literary photobook. LEARN more.