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This node provides information about the American Dust website and its mission to provide curated, comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan's life and writing. Use the menu tabs below to learn more.


This website, American Dust, is an online repository of comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan's life and writing, freely available to all interested scholars, researchers, and readers under Open Access and Fair Use guidelines.


American Dust is registered with OCLC WorldCat (#1054104600). OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), founded in 1967 at the Ohio College Library Center, Dublin, Ohio, seeks to increase access to the world's information while reducing information costs. WorldCat is a union catalog that itemizes the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories that participate in the OCLC global cooperative, making it the world's largest network of library contents and services providing open access to library resources online. LEARN more at the WorldCat website.

American Dust has a registered Digital Object Identifier (DOI):


The title, American Dust, is adapted from Dust . . . American . . . Dust, the refrain of Brautigan's novel, So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away.

The American Dust website was created and is maintained by John Barber. Robert Nelson contributes enormously with bibliographical research and computer programming that improves overall website functionality and usability by allowing users to create customized access to information about Brautigan's writings and various editions of his works. Directions for these features appear on pages throughout the website.
"Recent Updates"
Recent Updates

  • Creation of the "Contributions" and "Bibliography" pages.
  • Addition of extensive content regarding Brautigan's work in translation.
  • Creation of the "Search" functionality on pages throughout the website.
  • Expansion of information under the "Publication" menu tab for each Brautigan book to include all editions in English.
  • Creation of code and structures that allow hyperlinks and the "Back" arrow of the browser to work properly with the tabs, "accordion" buttons, and checkboxes throughout the website.
  • Addition of links to the "ISBN Search" website whenever an ISBN Number is noted.
  • Creation of a "build system" for the website to ease maintenance of and changes to the website.
  • Pervasive cleanup and bug fixes.
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