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Richard Brautigan's legacy is his continued inspiration for creative efforts by others who interpret his work, or create their own in response. This node provides an overview of selected audio recordings inspired by Brautigan, and links to further information and resources. Use the information below to learn more about creative responses to Brautigan's works.
"All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace" > Selected Responses

Album cover
"All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace"
Drum Island/Universal, 2002
Compact disc

A Norwegian music group uses the title of Brautigan's poem for their album.

Gaute Drevdal, editor-in-chief for the biggest Norwegian entertainment newspaper, Natt og Dag (Night and Day), says the title speaks to the contrast between humans and machines, specifically because this album features techno music. The topic of the title is just a relevant today as it was in the 1960s, he says. Apart from the title, the album does not purport to send any particular message, politically or otherwise. Drevdal concludes that the choice of title shows that the musicians seem to have deeper understanding of things than what is common in techno and house music. Read Drevdal's review at the Natt og Dag website.
"Machines of Loving Grace"
Leland Smith, Professor Emeritus of Music, Stanford University, Department of Music
Composition for computer, bassoon, and reader
Premiered at Stanford's Dinkelspiel Hall on Sunday, 8 March 1970. "The work," said Smith's program notes,
is really an environment of sound (and, to a certain extent, sight) for a reading of the poem, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, by Richard Brautigan. The three parts of the poem mention a "cybernetic meadow," a "cybernetic forest" and a "cybernetic ecology" in which human beings can return to their natural, mammal state under the loving protection of computers. The music is presented by a bassoon (the human-mammal) and a PDP 10 computer. The main elements . . . grow out of three chords and two melodic lines which are heard in a wide variety of computer-chosen and human-chosen random deviations.
"The blend and emergence was exceptionally artful," said the San Francisco Chronicle, ". . . like an infinitely flexible organ playing a fantasia."

Smith, an East Oakland native, attended classes at Mills University from 1941 to 1943 while he was still in high school. He matriculated at University of California- Berkeley, receiving his master's degree in 1948. He resumed studies with Milhaud in 1946-1947 and worked with Messiaen at the Paris Conservatory in 1948-1949 before returning to Mills as a member of its faculty in 1951. He taught at the University of Chicago from 1953 to 1958, when he joined the Stanford faculty.

Thereafter he became one of the founders of the Stanford computer music program, a leading international expert on the use of artificial intelligence as a means of generating sound and notation, and an adviser to the Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique Musique (IRCAM), the massive Paris-based French government project administered by Boulez. Score, a computer-produced publication process created by him, has been widely described as the leading program of its kind.

Online Resources
History of Experimental Music in Northern California website
Album cover
"Machines of Loving Grace"
The Naked Puritans
Concrete Tenderness
Naked Puritans, 2002
Compact disc

The first album by this Charlottesville, Virginia group features the song, "Machines of Loving Grace," which was inspired by and includes lyrics from Brautigan's poem "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace."

Online Resource
The Naked Puritans website
The Panic Band
A live recording of a song inspired by Brautigan's poem "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace."
Album cover
"Machines of Loving Grace"

Princess Chelsea
Track 1, 3'17"
Lil' Golden Book
September 2006
Compact disc

A New Zealand-based independent female musician. The title of this song, the first track on the album, is a nod to Brautigan's poem"All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace"

Online Resources
Princess Chelsea official website
In Watermelon Sugar > Selected Responses

"In Watermelon Sugar"
An oral reading, augmented with various sounds, of the first chapter of In Watermelon Sugar.

"In Watermelon Sugar," "The Return of the Rivers," "Two Transfers," and "Pity The Morning Light That Refuses to Wait for Dawn"
Music compositions by Frank J. Oteri, American Music Center
"In Watermelon Sugar" (1982) is a three-act opera in 31-tone equal temperament. "The Return of the Rivers" (1985) is a cycle for solo male baritone voice, piano, and analog synthesizer. "Two Transfers" (1985) is a setting of seven Brautigan love poems for tenor and string quartet. "Pity The Morning Light That Refuses to Wait for Dawn" (1986) is a requiem for soprano and baritone soloists, chorus, and small orchestra.

Oteri, a composer and music journalist, is editor of the Amerian Music Center's monthly web magazine, NewMusicBox, a position he has held since its launch in May 1999. In an article entitled "Putting the Name before the Work" Oteri wrote that Brautigan was one of his favorite writers (NewMusicBox 22 November 2010).

Online Resources
American Music Center website

NewMusicBox website
Allan J. Cronin
Three compositions written for various numbers of voices reciting various Brautigan poems, each part of a larger work toward an operatic treatment of Brautigan's In Watermelon Sugar. "Trout Duet," its title a play on Schubert's "Trout Quintet" and a reference to the duet between right and left hands as it occurs in the music, was written for a harpsichord. It was included on the "Brautigan Basement Tapes '99" CD ("The Lake Josephus Days"; 2:41; Track 37) produced by many members of The Brautigan List email discussion group and featured Cronin's son, Tim, reading a passage from Brautigan's novel Trout Fishing in America, published in 1967.

"Trout Duet" by Allan J. Cronin (Used by permission)

"Barcarolle" is a rhythmically spoken setting of the poem "Fragment #1" from June 30th, June 30th, published in 1978. (Used by permission)

"Entr'acte" (Used by permission)

Album cover
"Watermelon Sugar"
The Robot Ate Me
On Vacation
5RC, 2005
A two-disc CD package. "Watermelon Sugar" is Track 2, on Disc 2

Online Resources
"Watermelon Sugar" music video on YouTube
Rommel Drives On Deep into Egypt > Selected Responses

Album cover
"Negative Clank," "Propelled by Portals," and "Critical Can Opener"
Tom Christensen
Playscape Recordings, 23 November 2002
Compact disc

Three Brautigan poems interpreted by Christensen and his quartet in an otherworldly "world" jazz music style. Tom Christensen: Tenor and soprano sax, English horn, wood flute; Charles Pillow: Tenor, alto and sopranino saxaphones, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto flute; Ben Allison: Bass; Satoshi Takeishi: Percussion; Andrew Sterman: Bass flute and bass clarinet on two cuts.

"Negative Clank"

"Propelled by Portals"

"Critical Can Opener"

Online Resources
Christensen music video on YouTube
So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away > Selected Responses

Album cover
"American Dust"
Lou and Rich Duffy-Howard [Angel 6]
American Dust
Angel 6, 2002
Compact disc

Title track from a Brautigan-influenced album of songs written and produced by Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard from the United Kingdom. Other track titles are: "Dead Man," "Gloria Mundi," "To Barricane Beach," "Hawkmoon," "Evening Heron," and "Brewin' Up."

Other collections by the Duffy-Howards are Night Heron, The Same Sky, Night Porter, White Flower, Spiral Song, The Goole Captain, Pockets Full of Spells, Four Songs, and All Angel.
"American Dust"
When I was young the road ahead was so long
The sea was far and hot was the sand
We played down the junkyard shooting bottles and cans
I walk home slowly with the red red sun

To the place on the corner by the all-night
Look through the window at the funeral pyre
She won't be running with me no more
We're Dust . . . American . . . Dust

Dust . . . American . . . Dust
So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away
Dust . . . American . . . Dust

I guess that tomorrow I'll be down at the pond
Where the sun on the water make my hair white blond
If the watchman reaches for another beer
I'll have a penny at the all-night store

The road is long but sun down calls
In the apple orchard shadows fall
I miss the can but Shoot The Man
We're Dust . . . American . . . Dust

Dust . . . American . . . Dust
So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away
Dust . . . American . . . Dust
No the Wind Won't Blow It All Away
Dust . . . American . . . Dust
Listen to "American Dust" by Lou and Rich Duffy-Howard (Used by permission)

Album cover
"Hamburger Cemetary"
19 June 2004
Track 9, 4:23
Compact Disc, Mobile/Plug

The lyrics for this song are taken verbatim from the first page of Brautigan's So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away.
I didn't know that afternoon the ground
was waiting to become another grave in just a few short days.
Too bad I couldnt grab the bullet out of the air and put it back into the rifle barrel.
And it would spiral itself back down the barrel
and into the chamber and
refasten itself into the shell
and it'd be as if it had never been fired or even loaded into the gun.

I wish the bullet was back in its box
with the other forty-nine brother and sister bullets
and the box was safely on the shelf in the gun shop
and I had just walked by the shop on that rainy february afternoon
and had never gone inside.

I wish I had been hungry for a hamburger instead of bullets.

There was a restaurant right next to the gun shop.
They had very good hamburgers, but i wasn't hungry.
For the rest of my life I will think about that hamburger.
I was sitting there at the counter holding it with tears draining down my cheeks.

The waitress will be looking away
because she doesn't like to see kids crying while they're eating hamburgers.
And also, she doesn't want to embarrass me.

I am the only customer in the restaurant.
Track List
01 - Very Slow Bossanova (3:55)
02 - I Know You Can Smile (3:23)
03 - Within Tolerance (4:03)
04 - Second Hand Smoke (3:39)
05 - Happiness In Your Face (3:20)
06 - Aim For A Smile (4:16)
07 - Cardboard Box (3:06)
08 - Dark Horse (3:33)
09 - Hamburger Cemetary (4:23)
10 - Phantom Of My Organ (5:09)

Slowblow is an Icelandic musical duo consisting of Orri Jónsson and Dagur Kári Pétursson. They began recording in the mid-1990s, and created the soundtrack for the successful independent Icelandic movie Nói Albínói, which Dagur directed. Slowblow discography: Quicksilver Tuna (Sirkafúsk Records, 1994), Fousque (Sirkafúsk Records, 1996), Nói Albínói (Kitchen Motors, 2004), Slowblow (Mobile / Plug, 2004).
Album cover
Bronco Bullfrog
Twist Records
Compact Disc

Includes the song "So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away" about which Andy Morten, the band's drummer says,

Feedback from Andy Morton
Andy Morten. Email to John F. Barber, 2 August 2004.
Album cover Oak Apple Day
Rock Indiana
Compact Disc

The album cover features a background photograph by Vernon Merritt of Brautigan. The 3-piece band is based in England.

Online Resources
Bronco Bullfrog website
Hank Stone
Long Island, New York
Stone, a songwriter, singer, and guitarist, wrote this song after learning of Brautigan's death.

Online Resources
Hank Stone website
The Galilee Hitch-Hiker > Selected Responses

Album cover
"Baudelaire Went"
Valley Forge
Sanitary Records, 2008

Lyrics for the song "Baudelaire Went" are excerpted entirely from Parts 7 and 8 of Brautigan's poem The Galilee Hitch-Hiker.

Listen to "Baudelaire Went" by Tinyfolk (Used by permission)

Feedback from Russ Woods
Russ Woods. Email to John F. Barber, 7 July 2011.
Online Resources
"Baudelaire Went" available under creative commons license at the Valley Forge website

Information about "We Got Hot and Died," the album by Pretty Swans.
The Hawkline Monster > Selected Responses

Album cover
"Hawkline Suite"
Saint Etienne
Asleep at the Wheels of Steel
Mantra, 2002
Compact disc, STET 7

Subtitled "Music for Lost and other films." Tracks 5-7 ("The Montana Gang," "Magic Child," and "The Chemicals") form the specially composed "Hawkline Suite"—a musical representation of Brautigan's novel The Hawkline Monster, published in 1974.

Online Resource
Saint Etienne Heaven website
Album cover "Theme from the Film The Hawkline Monster"
Song written by Rees Lewis
C Cat Trance
Karadara: The Cream of C Cat Trance
Cherry Red
Compact disk; 25 October 2005

Online Resources
A review of Kandara: The Cream of C Cat Trance at the allmusic website.
Listen to a sample of this song here as well.
The Tokyo Montana Express > Selected Responses

"Times Square in Montana."
Jarvis Cocker
Jarvcast 003; 13:17

Jarvis Branson Cocker (born 19 September 1963, Sheffield, United Kingdom) is an English alternative rock musician first noted as the frontman for the band Pulp. In 2003 he worked with a new band, Relaxed Music. In 2005 he contributed to the soundtrack for the motion picture Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In August 2006 he recorded at least seven podcasts of himself reading short stories from his favorite books, which he called "Jarvcasts" and made available for listening on his Myspace page. "Times Square in Montana" was produced as Jarvcast 003.

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"What Are You Going to Do with 390 Photographs of Christmas Trees?"
Jarvis Cocker
10 January 2010
BBC 6 Music

Cocker read this story as part of his inaugural 2-hour Sunday afternoon radio program. Cocker asked listeners to submit photographs of abandoned Christmas trees. Some were archived at a Flickr website.

Cocker, a former member of the band "Pulp," is noted for "Common People," his song evocative of the 1990s, and for his work on the film Do You Remember the First Time?

Listen to Cocker read "What Are You Going to Do with 390 Photographs of Christmas Trees?"

Online Resources
Jarvis Cocker radio show at BBC 6 Music website

Jarvis Cocker—Sad Christmas Trees photograph gallery at Flickr website

Jarvis Cocker information at Wikipedia website

"The Greatest Christmas Tree Contest Ever" where participants "replant" their trees in noticeable, well-traveled urban areas. Participants submit reports and photographs of their replantings. The tree that remains replanted the longest wins.
"Messy, Isn't It? — The Life and Works of Richard Brautigan"
Jarvis Cocker
17 September 2012
BBC Radio 4

Cocker sets out to show the irony in Brautigan's death by suicide, "that it came via the same hand that had penned some of the gentlest and most sublime lines in post war literature." Cocker speaks with William Hjortsberg, American literature teacher Clyde Meachem, Brautigan-inspired musicians The Lovely Eggs, and Brautigan's daughter Ianthe. The program includes some of the recordings that Brautigan made for his album Listening to Richard Brautigan.

Listen to Cocker's radio program, "Messy, Isn't It? — The Life and Works of Richard Brautigan"

Online Resources
Jarvis Cocker radio show at BBC 4 website
Revenge of the Lawn > Selected Responses

Album cover
"Beginnings, Middles & Ends"
Bob Dylan, host
Theme Time Radio Hour
Season 3, Episode 4
5 November 2008

Theme Time Radio Hour was a weekly, one-hour satellite radio show hosted by Bob Dylan. The show aired from 3 May 2006-15 April 2009, with a total run of 100 episodes: Season 1: 50 episodes, Season 2: 25 episodes, Season 3: 25 episodes. Each episode featured an eclectic mix of music centered around a theme. Eemail readings and listener phone calls (most of which were fictitious), vintage air checks, old radio promotions and jingles, poetry recitations, and commentary from Dylan on the music and musicians, as well as miscellanea related to the episode's theme were placed between the music segments. Dylan recorded his segments at various locations and while touring.

In this short segment from the "Beginnings, Middles & Ends" episode (Season 3, Episode 4), Dylan evokes Brautigan's short story "The Scarlatti Tilt," just 34 words, as proof that a story does not have to be long in order to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Dylan ends with a brief overview of Brautigan's death (end) in 1984.

Season 3 of Theme Time Radio ran from 8 October 2008-15 April 2009, for a total of 25 new shows. Three Season Three episodes: "President's Day," "Christmas/New Year's Special," and "Number One" were repeats from earlier seasons.

Listen to "Beginnings, Middles & Ends" by Bob Dylan

Online Resources
Theme Time Radio Hour at the XM Radio website

Lee Abram's blog by Lee Abrams (XM Radio VP) who had the original idea for the show

Theme Time Radio Hour at BBC6 music website

Theme Time Radio Hour unofficial archive. Each episode available for download. Each episode is annotated (Season 3, Episode 4 HERE)
Album cover
"Pacific Radio Fire"
Knight Berman, Jr.
The Marble Tea
Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Presto Music, September 2001
EP Compact Disc

Five original recordings, including the song "Pacific Radio Fire" whose title and lyrics are based on Brautigan's story "Pacific Radio Fire" which was collected in Revenge of the Lawn. The Marble Tea is Berman's songwriting/home-recording project. It's name is inspired by Brautigan's poetry collection Lay the Marble Tea, published in 1959.

Online Resource
Free download of the Hoga-Rama EP, including the song "Pacific Radio Fire"
Selected General Responses

Album cover
Chin Ho!
Big Heavy World, 1996
Burlington, Vermont
Compact Disc, Good Citizen 002

Includes the original song "Brautigan" written by Andrew Smith and performed by this Burlington, Vermont, based band. The lyrics read:
There's a woman with a cake
On the cover of the book.
The book is sitting on a stack of other books
A book by Brautigan.

The book is green.
It's a green book
And the picture on the book
Is black and white.
A book by Brautigan.

There are many stories in the book
I've read the stories in the book a thousand times.
A book by Brautigan.
Listen to "Brautigan" by Chin Ho (Used by permission)

Recordings by members of a Richard Brautigan newsgroup reading selected Brautigan works and their own. Issued in May 1998 as an audio tape. Recordings coordinated by Ken Keiran with permission from Ianthe Brautigan.

Side A
In Watermelon Sugar (Sarah Torreta)
Coffee (Jeremy Voss and Claudette)
Zartliche Gluhbirne (Effectionate [sic] Light Bulb) (Wolfgang Schwarz)
Greyhound Tragedy (Knight Berman, Jr.)
The 12,000,000, Real Estate, Taxi Driver, The Past Cannot Be Returned (Ryan Christoff)
The Pumpkin Tide, A Boat, The Pomegrantate [sic] Circus, Your Catfish Friend (Ken and Kelsey Keiran)
The Last Year the Trout Came up Hayman Creek (Ernest J. Green)
The Autopsy of Trout Fishing in America (Al Cronin)
Das verratene Koenigreich (The Betrayed Kingdom) (Wolfgang Schwarz)
Complicated Banking Problems (Jeremy Voss)
Karma Repair Kit: Items 1-4, All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, Love Poem, The Beautiful Poem, Flowers for Those You Love (Ted Latty)
Lint, Women When They Put Their Clothes On, Halloween in Denver (excerpt) (Franklin Klock)
Love Poem, The Horse That Had a Flat Tire (Sarah Torretta)
Poker Star, Mrs. Myrtle Tate Movie Projectionist, Wood, Feasting and Drinking Went on Far into the Night, The History of Bolivia, We Stopped at Perfect Days (Ken Keiran)
September California (Knight Berman, Jr.)
Dreams Are Like the Wind, A Short Study in Gone, Floating Chandeliers, Worms, Taking No Chances, Speaking is Speaking, Playing Games, Love 12 (Al Cronin)
Trauerarbeit (I Feel Horrible. She Doesn't), Sexueller Unfall (Sexual Accident) (Wolfgang Schwarz)
The Scarlatti Tilt (Knight Berman, Jr.)
Side B
So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away (Ryan Christoff)
1/3, 1/3, 1/3 (Ernest J. Green)
The Return of the Rivers, 7 Watermelon Suns, San Francisco Weather Report (Ted Latty)
My Name (Al Cronin)
It Takes A Secret To Know A "Secret" (Ken and Kelsey Keiran)
The American Hotel Part 2 (Ryan Christoff)
Heroine of the Time Machine (Jeremy Voss)
Karma Repair Kit: Items 1-4 (Ernest J. Green)
Horse Race (Ken Keiran)
Looking At My Bed, At the Guess of a Simple Hello, Taking No Chances (Ryan Christoff)
Ein unbegrenzter Vorrat an 35-mm-Film (An Unlimited Supply of 35 Millimeter Film) (Wolfgang Schwarz)
I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone (Knight Berman, Jr.)
A Confederate General from Big Sur (excerpt), Revenge of the Lawn (excerpt), But Does It Matter (story about RB) (Melanthe Alexian)
Hommage fur den CVJM San Fransisko (Homage to the San Francisco YMCA) (Wolfgang Schwarz)
More recordings by members of a Richard Brautigan newsgroup reading selected Brautigan works and their own. Issued in November 1999 as a compact disc. Recordings coordinated by Ken Keiran, mastered by LaVerne Kreklau, burned by David Johnson, with permission from Ianthe Brautigan.

Knight Berman, Jr.
1. "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" (1:37)
2. "No Hunting Without Permission" (3:53)

Hardy Koenig (submitted by Woody Hood)
3. "Hangover as Folk Art" (1:46)
4. "Dogs on the Roof" (1:18)
5. "Clouds over Egypt" (1:03)
6. "Kyoto, Montana' (0:45)

Steve Heilig
7. "Claudia/1923-1970" (0:38)
8. "January 17" (0:23)
9. "The Scarlattti Tilt" (0:21)

Jen Leibhart & Jeremy "Sexy Legs" Voss
10. (3 Poems in Greek) "Night", "Flowers For A Crow", "It's Time To Train Yourself" (0:45)
11. "I'll Effect You Slowly" (0:16)
12. "Margaret Again" (0:31)
13. "I Feel Horrible. She Doesn't" (0:15)
14. "It's Raining in Love" (1:06)
15. "Love Poem" (0:13)
16. "The Beautiful Poem" (0:17)

Larry Gieseke
17. "Witness for Trout Fishing in America Peace" (3;23)
18. "The Galilee Hitch-Hiker" (4:38)
   "The Galilee Hitch-Hiker" Part 1
   "The American Hotel" Part 2
   "1939" Part 3
   "The Flowerburgers" Part 4
   "The Hour of Eternity" Part 5
   "Salvador Dali" Part 6
   "A Baseball Game" Part 7
   "Insane Asylum" Part 8
   "My Insect Funeral" Part 9

Marta Kelran
19. "1692 Cotton Mather Newsreel" (5:18)
20. "The Smallest Snowstorm on Record" (2:08)

Kelsey Keiran
21. "Blackberry Motorist" (2:26)
22. "Winter Vacation" (1:04)
23. "Spiders Are in the House" (0:47)

Ken Keiran
24. "The Beacon" (2:09)
25. "The Riding Lesson" (2:43)
26. "Ghosts" (0:49)

Cindy Gendrich (submitted by Woody Hood)
27. "At the California Institute of Technology" (0:12)
28. "The Fever Monument" (0:18)
29. "Kitty Hawk Kimonos" (0:32)
30. "Talking" (0:42)
31. "In Watermelon Sugar" (2:57)
32. "The Gentle Cricket" (1:01)
33. "Passing to Where?" (0:12)
34. "Taxi Driver" (0:12)
35. "Your Departure Versus the Hindenburg" (0:25)
36. "Romance" (0:28)

Tim & Al Cronin
37. "The Lake Josephus Days" w[ith]/original score "Trout Duet" by Al Cronin (2:41)
38. "Deeply Do I Mourn, for My Friends Are Nothing Worth" (2:16)
39. "A Return to the Cover of this Book" (2:24)
40. (4 poems from Rommel Drives On Deep into Egypt) (1:15)
   "Cannibal Carpenters"
   "Donner Party"
   "Formal Portrait"
41. "The American Fool" (0:33)

Janice Huang
42. "The Pork Chop Alligator" (excerpt) (2:04)
43. "Things to Do on a Boring Tokyo Night in a Hotel" (0:53)
44. "The Necessity of Appearing In Your Own Face" (0:13)
45. "Umbrellaing Herself Like A Poorly Designed Angel" (0:17)
46. "Fuck Me Like Fried Potatoes" (0:11)
47. "Ah, Great Expectations!" (0:23)
48. "Romeo and Juliet" (0:17)
49. "Love's Not the Way to Treat a Friend" (0:38)
50. "Nice Ass" (0:06)

Ted Latty
51. (Story) Richard, Beverly & Ted (10:00)
   "Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt"
   "The Memories of Jesse James"
   "Mrs. Myrtle Tate, Movie Projectionist"
   "Critical Can Opener"
   "Negative Clank"
   "Lions Are Growing like Yellow Roses on the Wind"
   "Melting Ice Cream at the Edge of Your Final Thought"
Album cover
"Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?"
The Lovely Eggs
Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs
Cherryade, 20 October 2008
7" EP; Five tracks

A two piece band from Lancaster, United Kingdom, formed in 2006. Members are Holly Ross (guitar and lead vocals) and David Blackwell (drums and backing vocals). Their first EP, Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? was released 20 October 2008. The lead track on this EP, "Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?" (2:17), is a delightful rhyming of digital accordion, a deadly scorpion, the Delorean, beef bourguignon, and Richard Brautigan. The band notes Brautigan as one source of inspiration.

Listen to "Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?" by The Lovely Eggs

"Like Richard Brautigan, Lonesome on a Saturday Night"
Bone of Contention
Stay Calm
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Igor Records, 1993
Compact Disc, IGS-004
Includes the original song "Like Richard Brautigan, Lonesome on a Saturday Night" (Side 1, Track 1).
"Richard Brautigan"
Gary Frenay
Armory Square
Syracuse, NY: Northside Records, 1993
Compact Disc, CD NS501
Track #7 is the original song "Richard Brautigan," written and performed by Frenay. The song deals with Brautigan's death.
Rereleased by Tangible Music, Merrick, NY, 1995 with one additional track
Front Cover
"Richard Brautigan"
The Groove Machine
Destroy the Presence of This World
Athens, Greece
Track 7, 7:06
Self-released, 1993

This album is, apparently, the band's first release. This version of "Richard Brautigan" is from an earlier, live performance (probably recorded on Christmas Day 1991) released in the compilation Fragmenta IV (1992) given away with the fanzine B23.

Track List
01 - TV Commercial (4:48)
02 - Brain Damage (3:39)
03 - Nowadays (4:51)
04 - My Choice (1:11)
05 - Destroy The Presence Of This World (4:16)
06 - Innocent Yuppie (5:29)
07 - Richard Brautigan (7:06)

Listen to "Richard Brautigan" by Groove Machine

Online Resources
Listen to "Richard Brautigan" at the YouTube website
Album cover
"Richard Brautigan"
A Small Good Thing
Slim Westerns Vol. 11
Leeds, England
The Leaf Label, April 2002
Compact Disc

Track 11 of 13. Founded in 1994, The Leaf Label is one of the United Kingdom's most influential for experimental pop music.

Online Resources
The Leaf Label website
Album cover
"Richard Brautigan"
The Town and The City
Blackburn, Lancashire, England
Ugly Man, 2001
Compact Disc and Record album, Man 3

This album features a song titled "Richard Brautigan" (Side 1, Track 2), the lyrics of which are drawn partially from titles of Brautigan's works. The seven-member band is based in Blackburn and London.

Listen to "Richard Brautigan" by Tompaulin (Used by permission)

Feedback from Amos Memon
Amos Memon. Email to John F. Barber, 24 September 2008.
Online Resources
Tompaulin myspace page
Album cover Richard Brautigan: Atmospheriment
Austin, Texas
A medley featuring samples of Brautigan's recordings from his Listening to Richard Brautigan record album.
Psyfolkology is comprised of Steve Shirey, Casey Allen (vocals), Rob Realle, and Josh Nannings. The group focuses on experimental, improvisational electronic psychedelic spoken word.

Listen to "Richard Brautigan: Atmospheriment" by Psyfolkology

Online Resources
Psyfolkology listening gallery at

Album cover Richard Brautigan: Love Poem
Austin, Texas
Psyfolkology is comprised of Steve Shirey, Casey Allen (vocals), Rob Realle, and Josh Nannings. The group focuses on experimental, improvisational electronic psychedelic spoken word.

Listen to "Richard Brautigan: Love Poem" by Psyfolkology

Online Resources
Psyfolkology listening gallery at
Front Cover
Richard Brautigan's Body
Doug Orton
San Francisco, California
Gene Pool Records, 1987
Record album, 33 1/3 rpm, DO 26

Rock songs like "Office Girl," "Visions of Susan," "Drunk on You," "Bad Sleep," and more written and performed by Orton, a San Francisco independent musician. Album cover concept inspired by the front cover of Brautigan's novel Trout Fishing in America, published in 1967.