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Richard Brautigan's legacy is his continued inspiration for creative efforts by others who interpret his work, or create their own in response. This node provides an overview of selected installations inspired by Brautigan, and links to further information and resources. Use the information below to learn more about creative responses to Brautigan's works.
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"Another Difficult Sunset"
Jaki Irvine
Five-part video-installation
Originally filmed in Super-8. First shown at Frith Street Gallery, London, and then as part of Ireland's entry in the 1997 Venice Biennale. The original work consisted of five separate sections, the first four displayed on monitors, the fifth on a large screen. All five sections were scattered througout the gallery.

The second section features a young man sitting in a crowded train-carriage reading a book. A voice-over narrates what he reads: Brautigan's novel In Watermelon Sugar. He reads the portion of the novel (pages 36-37) where the narrator describes how tigers killed and ate his parents and then offered to tell him a story.

Irvine alluded to Brautigan's In Watermelon Sugar in an earlier (1995) multi-screen installation, "Margaret Again," the title of which was taken from a chapter heading in the novel.

Leith, Caoimhin Mac Giolla. "Jaki Irvine: Metamorphoses and Becomings." Parachute: Contemporary Art Magazine July-September 2001: 128-135.
Notes the use of Brautigan's In Watermelon Sugar by Irvine in her 1995 multi-screen installation performance "Margaret Again" and in her 1996 installation "A Difficult Sunset."
Combined, Multiple Works > Selected Responses

Installation by Chris Sollars
"Brautigan Installation 2009"
Chris Sollars
Headlands Institute for the Arts
Sausalito, Californina
June 2009
Sculpture and video installation featuring seven sculptures for seven books by Brautigan. Videos based on each book interrupt the live video feed in the space.

The seven works by Brautigan featured in Sollars' installation were: A Confederate General from Big Sur, The Abortion, In Watermelon Sugar, The Pill vs The Springhill Mine Disaster, Revenge of the Lawn, Rommel Drives on Deep into Egypt, and Trout Fishing in America.

Sollars produced a video to document his installation as a whole, and each of the seven separate sculptures.

Online Resources
Brautigan Installation 2009 webpage maintained by Chris Sollars

Brautigan Installation video at YouTube website

Headlands Center for the Arts website
Selected General Responses

Brautiganism poster Brautiganism poster
"XXI Century Brautiganism: Interactive Poetry and Digital Art Installation"
4 December 2009
Washington State University Vancouver
Vancouver, Washington

An interactive multimedia performance and installation by students in the FA 331 Art and Technology class, Kathi Rick, instructor. Students and audience members read selected examples of Brautigan's poetry and prose to a backdrop of original digital video and music. A digital video feed of the event was projected on screens lining the windows of a tower room on campus, creating a "poetry tower" (see below). A "book garden" was planted on campus, recreating Brautigan's conceptual framework for his work Please Plant This Book.

XXI Century Brautiganism Video

A video produced and edited by Mikhail Oparin, with video background and soundscape by Christina Broussard-Pearson provides a good overview of the performance/installation including the "Poetry Tower" and public readings of Brautigan's work.

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XXI Century Brautiganism Audio
"XXI Century Brautiganism"
Program audio streamed by, campus Internet radio station at Washington State University Vancouver
4 December 2009

Online Resources
XXI Century Brautiganism website maintained by Oparin. Follow the "Spanky's" link for documentation of the "Spanky's Windows into Art" installation which represents the unpublished writings collected in The Brautigan Library.

XXI Century Brautiganism video on YouTube

XXI Century Brautiganism Soundscape by Christina Broussard-Pearson at her website

Todd Gunderson, Vancouver, WA, was present at the event and took a series of photographs. This one shows Dr. John Barber, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, Washington State University Vancouver, welcoming the evening's guests.

Gunderson also produced a short video of Barber reading two selections of Brautigan's works.

Sound Files Contributed by Todd Gunderson to the Performance
"Watermelon Sugar"
remix by Todd Gunderson
Used by permission

"20th Century and Love Poem"
remix by Todd Gunderson
Used by permission

"All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace 1"
remix by Todd Gunderson
Used by permission

"All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace 2"
by Todd Gunderson
Used by permission

Feedback from Todd Gunderson
Todd Gunderson. Email to John F. Barber, 5 December 2009.
Online Resources
Press release from Washington State University Vancouver

"Re-Opening the Tower of Poetry" by Adam Stewart at The Vancouver Voice website
Sculpture by Evan La Londe
"Waterfall (Richard Brautigan)"
Evan La Londe
wood and wicker, 2009

Part of a show entitled "Memory Forms"
School 33 Art Center
Baltimore, Maryland
29 January-27 February 2010

Online Resources
Information at the Maryland Institute College of Art website